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Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR, 1 Bath,... 306 Apartment Heights Dr., J-10, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR-WALK to... 211 Owens Street # N-4, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Condominium in Blacksburg -- Quiet HUGE... 902 2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3BR 2.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Newly Renovated... 313 Owens Street # P-1, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
2 3.0 $600 Zach Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- JUST REDUCED - 3 BR, 3 2709 Newton Court, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.5 $1,290 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet Neighbors - 2BR A 1849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $825 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- Quiet, Spacious, Brig 900 #3 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $985 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- 1 bedroom available 822 Cascade Ct., Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $500 Marilyn Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Remodeled, great locat 304 Turner St NE, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $850 Kristina Toufectis Available
House in Christiansburg -- Three levels of spaciou 1085 RED LEAF CT, Christiansburg, VA
4 4.0 $1,500 Long & Foster Available
Duplex in Blacksburg -- Duplex apartment 2056 Mt Tabor Rd, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $545 David Available
2 2.5 $1,400 Sally Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 1 PERSON SPECIAL RATE - 306 & 308 Apartment Heights Drive, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $690 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 1 PERSON SPECIAL RATE - 306 Apartment Heights Drive # J-9, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $690 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 1 PERSON SPECIAL RATE - 307 Apartment Heights Drive # M-11, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $630 Price Real Estate Available
House in Christiansburg -- Nice townhouse in Oak T 390 SILVER LEAF DRIVE, Christiansburg, VA
3 2.5 $1,200 Long & Foster Available
Townhouse in Christiansburg -- 3 BR TH IN CHRISTIA 70 Salem Lane, Christiansburg, VA
3 2.5 $940 Price Real Estate Available
1 1.0 $700 Contact Available
House in Christiansburg -- Family Friendly Home 105 John Lemley Lane, Christiansburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,200 Joan Needham Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet&CleanHUGE-3br2baO 902 #2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,290 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
4 2.5 $325 Samir Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- Quiet HUGE Pet/Smoke 902 2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,290 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apartment, Close t 315 Apartment Heights Drive # I-4, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $740 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apt. Close to VT/D 315 Apt. Heights Drive # I-5, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $780 Price Real Estate Year-Round
6121454481136502 BR, 1 Bath, Walking distance to VT2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment with Wall to Wall Carpet. Dishwasher. Deck. Great location! Walking distance to VT and downtown Blacksburg. Water, sewer, and trash removal included in rent.25.0075000306 Apartment Heights Dr., J-10BlacksburgVA2406012015-04-24 16:50:412015-04-24 16:50:57apartment21.00750002015-08-18available000137.236700-80.410000street376088subscription2016-04-23 13:19:280/va/blacksburg/376088-2-br-1-bath-walking-distance-to-vt/images/24/14/24146632_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146633_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146634_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146637_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146638_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146646_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146632_640x480.jpglands6121171481136502 BR-WALK to VT/Downtown-ON BT2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment Located 2 Blocks to VT/Downtown. On BT. Tile Flooring. On-Site Laundry Facilities. Trash Removal ONLY included in rent. (1) Cat allowed with additional Pet Security Deposit and Monthly Pet Rent. Washer/Dryer Included in unit.25.0076000211 Owens Street # N-4BlacksburgVA2406012015-04-24 13:41:172015-04-24 13:41:17apartment21.00760002015-08-11available000137.235200-80.410300street152757subscription2016-04-23 13:19:280/va/blacksburg/152757-2-br-walk-to-vt-downtown-on-bt/images/12/29/1229234_640x480.jpg/images/12/29/1229235_640x480.jpg/images/12/29/1229234_640x480.jpglands1973548377970Quiet HUGE Pet/Smoke Allergen &Odor Free NICEOne of Blacksburg's best kept secrets: A sprawling 1260 sq foot immaculately clean condo with acres and acres of sheep meadow as a backyard yet it is closer to VT's campus than 1,000's of other rental units AND this residence is very quiet with lots of parking.

It is usually snapped up quickly as soon as it is shown. It only comes available once every 4 to 5 years as people renew the leases here year after year. One time it passed from friends to friends for 10 years!

Thoughtfully redone, spacious, smoke-free, pet-allergen & pet-odor free, 3 bedroom condominium with two full bathrooms. Bedrooms are well-spaced for privacy with 2 BR and 1 BA at one side and the Master BR and Bath at the other. Like a sprawling ranch house without the yard work!

VERY CONVENIENT to everything! Lots of parking so NO need for hangtags or parking stickers. BT Bus stop at the foot of the driveway. Bike route goes under highway directly to VT campus. From Downtown Blacksburg take Prices Fork Road; driveway is the 2nd left after cross 460 Bypass.

Our units (all in quiet areas and maintained by landlords who really care) open up randomly throughout the year as we assist our residents by posting their units as soon as they let us know they are moving and will no longer need the residence. The majority of our residents renew year after year and move only when they no longer need a rental residence in the Blacksburg area. The vacating group of residents, some of whom have been in residence for 4 years, has said the unit should easily be available by late May or early June.

Well-Maintained and EZ to keep clean: Ceramic floors everywhere, except bedrooms which are carpeted. The kitchen now has the same ceramic flooring as the living room, halls and bathrooms. We urge residents to tell us when something needs attention because we want to maintain things so they do not break. Paint on walls is very durable and very easy to keep clean.

SPACIOUS: 1260+ square feet of well-planned space. NO space wasted on stairwells. All hallways serve dual purpose of being access to the large rooms and for access to the numerous closets. Over NINE foot high ceilings so you can use the space on top of regular height bookcases for more items. Plenty of space for over-sized items above very durable kitchen cabinets. Large pantry area. Washer and dryer are in lit closets with yet more shelving! PLUS: Patio walks out onto lawn effectively enlarging your living space. PLUS: Common area Foyer for the building provides even more space.

BRIGHT: Lots of natural lighting during the day during the winter and tree shading patio during summer. Many built-in light fixtures for lots of light, even in closets.

ENERGY-SAVING FEATURES: Has HP but rarely do tenants ever turn on AC. Naturally cool in summer. On really muggy days, AC on for an hour or so a day will remove that humidity. Ground floor unit; so the Earth keeps it warm in winter. 52 inch reversible ceiling fans with lights in all rooms. All windows and Patio door are double pane. Patio door swings and has a deadbolt so seals much better than a typical sliding patio door. Owner has lived in the unit so can share additional tips for conserving.

VERY QUIET Location. Occasionally the sheep might wake you, perhaps once a year. Otherwise, most people move to Brightwood Manor to live quietly. Nice, relaxing views out windows and off patio.

UTILITIES: Water/sewer/trash pick-up included. CAT-5 computer, TV and telephone cabling to virtually all rooms. Comcast and Verizon DSL are available.

MORE INFO: Two full baths; one has two sinks with door providing privacy for tub and toilet. Refrigerator, range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave (provided if you do not have one), full-sized washer & dryer (with energy-saving booster fan). Great closets.

MINIMAL ALLERGENS: Since renovations we have not allowed smoking nor any uncaged pets (including "outdoor" pets; so you do not have to worry about cat or dog dander, hair, or odors from "accidents". Unlike many units at Brightwood Manor, your clothes dryer will vent to the outside of the building through a well-designed ventilation system, complete with booster fan. Also, there are exhaust fans in both bathrooms and over the kitchen stove. Ceramic floors help as well.

Security deposit on our units is one month's regular rent for the unit.

CHECK OUR WEBSITE, please: Many photos, maps, plus floorplans of our units on our website. We even have aerial photos! Please contact us by emailing through this listing for that website address (Hint: Google our company name Forests Edge) as we are not permitted to post it here.

Thank you very much for considering renting one of our 9 units. Since we are not a big company just, literally, a "Mom and Pop," for the last 20 years we have tried very hard to personalize our service to all our residents. Apparently, we must do OK because our residents tend to renew year after year until they move out of town, buy a home, or need a type of place we can not offer. We try hard to answer, promptly, residents' calls for assistance - day, night, weekends and even on holidays.
129000902 2 Brightwood Manor DriveBlacksburgVA2406012010-06-21 18:05:432015-05-01 02:25:51condominium32.012601290002015-05-01available000137.225141-80.445595street44506subscription2016-02-24 13:21:420/va/blacksburg/44506-quiet-huge-pet-smoke-allergen-odor-free-nice/images/12/78/1278819_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278816_640x480.jpg/images/18/35/183592_640x480.jpg/images/18/35/183593_640x480.jpg/images/18/35/183596_640x480.jpg/images/18/35/183598_640x480.jpg/images/12/49/1249218_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278821_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278822_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278824_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278825_640x480.jpg/images/14/89/1489158_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278819_640x480.jpgport
6121194481136502 BR Newly Renovated -Close to Downtown/VT2 BR Newly Renovated Kitchen. Dishwasher. Trash Removal Included in Rent. Small 4 unit building in nice neighborhood close to VT/Downtown - Walking Distance. On BT. Nice size Bedrooms. Ethernet Available. On-Site Laundry Facilities. Small Pets allowed with Additional Security Deposit and Monthly Pet Rent. 25.0075000313 Owens Street # P-1BlacksburgVA2406012015-04-24 14:08:532015-04-24 14:11:28apartment21.00750002015-08-11available000137.235400-80.411200street31808subscription2016-04-23 13:19:280/va/blacksburg/31808-2-br-newly-renovated-close-to-downtown-vt/images/24/14/24145673_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24145674_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24145673_640x480.jpglands

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