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Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet Neighbors 2BR... 1849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Sturbridge Square 925 University City Blvd, Blacksburg, VA
4BR 4.0BA
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 4 BR/2.5 Bath-... 229 Janie Lane, Blacksburg, VA
4BR 2.5BA
Condominium in Blacksburg -- 1 bedroom... 822 Cascade Ct., Blacksburg, VA
3BR 2.0BA
House in Blacksburg -- 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom House 1907 Gardenspring Drive, Blacksburg, VA
4 3.0 $1,300 Jonas Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Luxury Apartments Now A 535 Blackrock Drive, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $950 Highlands at Available
House in Christiansburg -- Cute house with views a 3263 Hawley Rd, Christiansburg, VA
2 1.0 $700 Kristina Toufectis Available
3 2.5 $1,500 Long & Foster Available
House in Christiansburg -- Nice house in Hans Mead 1190 SHERWOOD DR, Christiansburg, VA
4 2.5 $1,250 Long & Foster Available
House in Shawsville -- 3 bedroom home in Secluded 1269 Alleghany Springs Rd, Shawsville, VA
3 2.0 $875 JMAX Property Available
House in Christiansburg -- Nice townhome in Oak Tr 210 WILLOW OAK DR, Christiansburg, VA
3 2.5 $1,250 Long & Foster Available
House in Blackburg -- Quiet Home 4BR/2BA Avail SOO 1855 Merrimac Road, Blackburg, VA
4 2.0 $1,290 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- QuietBrightwoodManor2 900 #3 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $950 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR apt-Walk to VT/Dow 307 Apt Heights Drive # M-1, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $800 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 Bedroom Apartment, Cl 300 Apartment Heights Drive # D-6, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $775 Price Real Estate Available
2 2.5 $1,450 Sally Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- Quiet HUGE Pet/Smoke 902 2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,370 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet Neighbors 2BR Bri 1849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $860 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet&CleanHUGE-3br2ba 902 #2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,370 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- The Heights 208 Heights Lane, Blacksburg, VA
3 3.5 $1,500 Blacksburg Real Available
Manufactured in Blacksburg -- Commercial Space For 1531 B North Main Street, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $1,462 Price Real Estate Available
2 1.5 $900 Christin Available
2 3.0 $600 Zach Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- 1 bedroom available 822 Cascade Ct., Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $500 Marilyn Available
Duplex in Blacksburg -- Duplex apartment 2056 Mt Tabor Rd, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $545 David Available
1973148377970Quiet Neighbors 2BR Bright&Clean-Nice ViewsTypical of the units we offer, 1849 D is a very nice, efficiently laid out apartment for those looking for a quiet, well-maintained place to live where the landlord tries hard to make sure the residents are content.AVAILABILITY: Our units (all in quiet areas and maintained by landlords who really care) open up randomly throughout the year as we assist our residents by posting their units as soon as they let us know they are moving and will no longer need the residence. The majority of our residents renew year after year and move only when they no longer need a rental residence in the Blacksburg area.Few people move on the date listed on their lease. So, we start listing a unit as available shortly after our residents tell us they will have it clean and ready for the next occupant. Residents move at all times of the year to follow employment, because they closed on a purchase of a home, because they graduated in December, or for many other reasons; so we try to assist them in saving money on rent on a unit they no longer need by writing a new lease, if a new resident is found. So please check the availability date because we try hard to keep them updated.Kitchen + Living Room + Bath + Master Bedroom + another bedroom/study Unique flexible closets near kitchen.IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum of two residents permitted by code.Floor plans for all our units and more photos are on our website. We are not allowed to list our website or direct contact information here; so please reply to this posting to reach us.There are Excellent options to reduce costs of heating and cooling. FOUR (reversible) ceiling fans (with lights), wall heaters, storm windows and storm door with screen. PLUS: zone climate control possible as there are individual heaters with blowers in each room AND the walls of each room are insulated for very efficient zone heating options. Great views from ALL windows. We provide mini-blinds but you probably will not want to close them. It would be very hard for anyone to see in since you look down a hill and over the top of Blacksburg clear over to the mountains! Top floor unit. You will be living across the street from the large homes in the Stroubles Mill portion of Hethwood subdivision. While only a 10-15 minute walk from Foxridge; you will be enjoying a tranquil, country setting and very easy parking. Convenient to VT, Blacksburg, and, also, Radford and Christiansburg. Usually quicker to come home and park than if live in Hethwood because there is no traffic, stop signs nor need to hunt for a parking space! Only 15-20 minutes by bike path to the middle of VT campus. 15 min to NRV Mall and Wal-Mart. 5 minutes to the supermarket. 8 minutes to hospital.BT bus a few blocks walk. EZ bike ride via the bike trail to Kipps Elementary, the Blacksburg Middle School and Blacksburg High School. The school bus takes elementary children to Prices Fork Elementary School. To find: Take Prices Fork Road. Go one block from Food Lion and the Fire Station. Just past Kipps Elementary, the Blacksburg Middle School, and Blacksburg High School, turn Left onto Merrimac Road. Cox's miniature golf, driving range and batting cages are on the opposite corner. It is 1.3 miles to the back of Hethwood subdivision and the foot of our driveway for 1849 and 1855 Merrimac Road. On website there is a map and, even, aerial photos of Blacksburg showing the location of our rental properties. Large Ceiling fans in all rooms. CAT-5 and TV Cable to all rooms. High speed cable available. New wiring, new plumbing. Wired in smoke detectors. Thick firewalls. Extensive renovations done with close involvement by building inspectors. Carpeting is thoroughly, professionally cleaned between tenants. Stain protection (eg Scotchguard) is applied so it will be easy to keep the carpeting looking nice. To us ease of cleaning is an essential part of maintaining our residences! Stain protection is a way we try to help you to get your security deposit back.Dishwasher!MicrowaveStoveRefrigeratorUndercabinet lightingLights in the closets.Doorbell, deadbolts and security lighting. (However, if you forget to lock your door, it is highly unlikely you need to worry as this is a nice neighborhood.Full-length mirrors in each bedroom, plus large mirror in the kitchen. The amount of built-in kitchen storage will surprise you. For this size unit, there is much Flexible closet space. Also, there is plenty of space for you to put in your own wardrobe or bureaus.Place to store bicycles out of the weather under the porch. Do you have a canoe? If so, there is plenty of room to store it, too!Please come see how many nice amenities we have put in Forests Edge. County Water included. Low heating bills because zoned heat and all walls insulated (between rooms as well as between units).Sound proofed between rooms inside unit as well as between units. Extremely rare to hear neighbors (or their TV) at all! Close the door to your bedroom and go to sleep while someone else is watching TV or talking even within the unit.This is definitely Not a place for noisy weekly parties.Nice balcony/covered porch where you can sip your morning coffee or relax in the evenings looking at the stars or stay dry while enjoying a summer rain.There is a place set aside for your barbecue grill Non-smokers only.There is No smoking in the building or on porches; so you can enjoy fresh air from the square miles of open fields and woods just off the balcony or Keep your windows open to enjoy the woodland smells and sounds. There's much wildlife to watch. Deer, rabbits, etc. love to graze through our flowers and shrubs. Bird lovers, please check out this location! Explore the woods outside your door; yet, be across the street from the largest established subdivision in Blacksburg. It's the Best of both worlds -- rural and cosmopolitan university town!Birds hovering around bird feeders have been the loudest critters on the premises!We gutted much of the buildings repairing things with quality materials in a way so they should continue to appear recently renovated and put in much soundproofing to dampen normal sounds of human occupancy. No worries that a previous resident's cat or dog left surprise smells behind since no uncaged pets have been permitted since extensive renovations. No dogs allowed; so no barking coming from the next unit and no yellow spots or other “surprises” on the lawns from residents' pets.Most quiet, well-cared for caged, exotic pets are welcome.A policy of no uncaged (so no urine smells in the carpeting or scratches on walls, doors or cabinets) or noisy pets (examples: loud parrots or barking dogs) helps us to maintain the tranquility and cleanliness of our units. No critters are permitted who are even capable of being heard outside the unit even with the windows open. All residents 1n 1849/1855 sign the same lease; so it should remain quiet.Allergy sufferers: Since no smoking or uncaged pets since renovations, this has eliminated many common allergens!We want residents to be happy and to renew year after year; so we try hard to keep our promise of trying hard to provide a nice place to live undisturbed by neighbors’ noise.There are lawns and woods to enjoy. If you like to garden, let us know! We are still working on them and enjoy the help. We have done much work on the landscaping but it is a work in progress. It is fun to watch the spread of flowers some residents planted and to notice how a newlywed couple's first Christmas tree (a dwarf Alberta spruce) is looking so happy many years afterward it first arrived at Forests Edge.Forests-Edge is like a small neighborhood. Only a maximum of 8 residents in the entire four-unit building and 4 residents in the house on the same 2.5 acres of lawns and mainly oak forest. Landlord tries hard to make residents comfortable. Most of our residents renew year after year.Much off-street parking for you and your visitors.Optional: Less-than-cost monthly fee for use of very, very clean laundry room on-site with like new front-loading washer and dryer. No coins needed. We sometimes have visiting professors and others who take their laundry "home" on the weekends, and feel it is unfair they should have to pay for use of the laundry; so we have made it an optional cost.Optional: Comcast serves this area. Hard-wired jacks for Internet (CAT-5), telephone and TV to LR and both bedrooms.Please look at our website to see more images of the unit. Click on the picture of the white building to get to photos and floor plans. All the photos will give you an idea about the premises. Specific photos of each unit say the unit’s name in the caption. This unit is 1849 D Merrimac Road, Blacksburg, VA.Multi-year leases: There is a savings if you sign multi-year lease because the rent will be “locked-in”. Please ask about the flexibility this landlord builds into the lease to change the ending date to save residents money. For example, we list units as available as soon as residents tell us when they plan to move out. The earlier people let us know before they plan to vacate the unit, the more likely we will be able to find someone else interested in moving in. Generally we save people much rent money because we are usually able to find someone to sign a lease to move in close to the time the vacating tenants would like to vacate the unit.Due to the economy causing people to switch jobs or otherwise suddenly change plans, units may suddenly come available at any time. All have different floor plans, 2-3 BR units or even our 3-4 bedroom home. Please ask about them as well. Routinely we assist people to find someone to start the next lease early when people graduate or change jobs in May or December. Recently there have been some bizarre years with people suddenly needing to relocate at unusual times. Fortunately, they have rented with us because we are willing to work with them to minimize the costs of changing rental plans!Please contact us for our phone number and website address. visit our website for lots of pictures and floorplans. Again, please contact us to get the website address. Forests-Edge is a really nice place to live. Please do check it out. All our units are in quiet locations, are well-maintained and have lots of parking.Thanks for looking!0860001849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork RoadBlacksburgVA2406012010-06-21 18:05:432015-07-19 09:48:40apartment21.00860002016-08-01available00010.0000000.000000none41614subscription2016-02-24 13:21:420/va/blacksburg/41614-quiet-neighbors-2br-bright-clean-nice-views/images/17/91/179180_640x480.jpg/images/17/91/179181_640x480.jpg/images/17/91/179182_640x480.jpg/images/17/91/179184_640x480.jpg/images/17/91/179185_640x480.jpg/images/18/13/181399_640x480.jpg/images/18/14/181401_640x480.jpg/images/18/14/181403_640x480.jpg/images/24/09/24092498_640x480.jpg/images/24/09/24092499_640x480.jpg/images/24/09/24092500_640x480.jpg/images/24/09/24092502_640x480.jpg/images/17/91/179180_640x480.jpgport5779666481109410Sturbridge SquarePrivate Patios and BalconiesLuxury Finishes, Hardwood and Finished Concrete FloorsEnergy Efficient AppliancesFull Sized Washers and DryersIntuitive LayoutGenerous ClosetsGreat location — 3 blocks to VTech, next to the main Blacksburg post office, and ½ block from University Mall2 Blacksburg Transit stops on propertyOn-site management and maintenance24/7 emergency maintenance service24-hr laundry facility on siteSparkling pool with sundeckBasketball courtAmple parkingTrash and recycling included in rent*Availability and pricing of units are subject to change.2580000925 University City BlvdBlacksburgVA2406012014-11-14 23:06:572014-11-14 23:07:09apartment44.014501996002014-11-14available000137.237622-80.435672manual5336810subscription2015-11-12 17:05:320/va/blacksburg/5336810-sturbridge-square/images/23/64/23642358_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642361_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642362_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642363_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642364_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642365_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642366_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642367_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642368_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642369_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642370_640x480.jpg/images/23/64/23642358_640x480.jpglands60439804811159004 BR/2.5 Bath- Pheasant Run TownhomesPheasant Run Townhouse. Two floors, four bedrooms, two and half bath, with extra parking space, wooden deck located in back. Nice townhouse in a very popular Pheasant Run. Separate leases!Washer, dryer and dishwasher included!For year 2015-2016. $1400 ($350 per person) monthly at 229 Janie Lane, Blacksburg.Large living room and kitchen with half bath on the lower level. 4 bedrooms with 2 full baths are in upper level.Feel free to contact me with any questions by clicking into the listing for contact information.32500229 Janie LaneBlacksburgVA2406012015-03-02 02:51:582015-05-04 16:50:54townhouse42.50325002015-08-01available00010.0000000.0000005434208subscription2016-03-01 02:47:210/va/blacksburg/5434208-4-br-2-5-bath-pheasant-run-townhomes/images/24/00/24000273_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000273_640x480.jpglands431608148667480 1 bedroom available now with 2br. occupiedPrivately-owned Condo. 3 bdrm/2 bath University Place, 822 Cascade Ct., off Glade Rd. Located behind Kroger, bookstore Math Emporium Two reserved parking spaces, but next to VT bus route3rd floor balcony and view of Brush MountainCarpeted floors, vinyl kitchen and bathroom floorsNo pets or smoking allowedMature, responsible roommates wanted$500 a month for each bedroom, also pay 1/3 electric when there are 3 roommates and 1/2 electric when there is only 2 roommatesEnergy efficient H/AC, W/D, WiFi, cable, and $500 deposit. One bedroom available at the present time.Contact: call Marilyn Galbraith 540-392-0674 or 0.0050000822 Cascade Ct.BlacksburgVA2406012014-01-05 19:13:312015-06-21 08:07:27condominium32.0850500002015-05-15available000137.235100-80.436100street316039subscription2015-12-30 02:43:490/va/blacksburg/316039-1-bedroom-available-now-with-2br-occupied/images/15/27/15272341_640x480.jpg/images/15/30/15302118_640x480.jpg/images/15/27/15272341_640x480.jpglands

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