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4BR 3.0BA
House in Blacksburg -- Quiet Home 3-4 BR real... Merrimac Road next to Hethwood, Blacksburg, VA
4BR 2.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet - Great Eat In... 1849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 2 BR TH @ Apt... 304 Apt Heights Drive # F-2, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.5BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR 1 Bath -... 303 Apartment Heights Dr., B-4, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet-2BR-3MONTHS FREE 1849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $860 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 1 Room available in Rut 828 Patrick Henry Dr., Blacksburg, VA
4 3.0 $400 Kelly Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet&CleanHUGE-3br2ba 902 #2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,370 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
3 1.0 $1,310 Price Real Estate Available
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 4 BR 812 Patrick Henry Patrick Henry Drive, Blacksburg, VA
4 3.0 $1,498 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 3BR 3BA apartments in a Tabor Village Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 3.0 $1,344 Price Real Estate Available
2 1.0 $895 Price Real Estate Available
3 2.0 $1,104 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Willard Drive 318 Willard Drive, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $830 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR , 1 Bath, INCLUDES 315 Apartment Heights Dr., I-12, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $760 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR , 1 Bath, INCLUDES 315 Apartment Heights Dr., I-1, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $760 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apt @ Apt Heights. 315 Apt. Heights Drive # I-6, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $760 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apartment, Close t 313 Apartment Heights Drive # H-4, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $780 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apartment, Close t 313 Apartment Heights Drive # H-1, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $730 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apartment, Close t 311 Apartment Heights Drive # G-5, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $774 Price Real Estate Available
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Town House. Close 311 Apartment Heights Drive # G-1, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $814 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR APT Water, Sewer a 308 Apt. Heights Drive # K-12, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $770 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR, 1 Bath, walking d 308 Apartment Heights Dr., K-8, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $770 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR Apt - 2 Blocks Dow 307 Apartment Heights Drive # M-9, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $750 Price Real Estate Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- 2 BR, close to VT/Downt 307 Apartment Heights Drive # M-5, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $810 Price Real Estate Available
604397648377970Quiet Home 3-4 BR real oak floors V Nice AreaThis wonderful, bright cheery home will be shiny clean to welcome you as you move in. It is a home you will enjoy calling "home." We will try to schedule tours whenever we can match schedules: Day, evening or weekends.Our lengthy description should give you a good "feel" for this well-cared for home. The detailed description is definitely appreciated by people at a distance who may have to make a decision without getting to spend much time in the home or even being able to come to Blacksburg to do a tour at all.This home is very nice, very comfortable, homey, clean and bright. It is unique, unlike so many places that look just like every other place. Here you will immediately realize that the nooks, crannies, closet, and history make this house special and make it a home, not "just a rental." When gutted recently for total renovation, we insisted the charm and personality be maintained so it feels like a home, not a bunch of square boxy rooms.There is much included to save you time and money; so please remember to factor these in as you do your price comparisons. We do the mowing, leaf removal and snowplowing of the driveway. It is on County water, but there is no water or sewer bill. The ground floor, especially, stays cool in the summer without the need for AC! The large trees provide plenty of shade.Insulation in walls between rooms and floors helps to zone the heat and coolness as well as keep the house quiet between rooms and floors.Very efficient use is made of space! If there is a nook, there is a shelf or closet. Most shelving is adjustable. The house is a lot “bigger” than it appears from outside. There are lots of flexible closets and no wasted square footage in hallways. Within the walls is everything from CAT-5 ethernet/TV/phone cabling to all rooms, to all new wiring, all new plumbing, all new heating ducts, and lots of insulation and soundproofing (even between rooms and floors)! It is tough to hear a TV or computer from one room to another. Parents please note that the soundproofing muffles the sounds of a toddler's temper tantrum as well as a teenager's music. Wired in smoke detectors. Plus a carbon-monoxide alarm. Much outdoor lighting on motion sensors; so it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the stars when no one is walking around outside. Neighbors are quiet (Sometimes, however, the wild birds in the woods do get pretty rowdy). You can plant stuff in the gardens, but be prepared for the deer to eat it. There is a fenced garden plot, if you want to try your luck.If you are looking to live in a convenient, quiet, peaceful neighborhood, surrounded by Nature, then you will likely enjoy living here. If you’re looking for a place to party, please do not consider renting this home. We try to rent only to people with a good record of having taken good care of previous residences and who are respectful of the neighbors.Beautiful location: Located on 2.5 acres, shared only with a maximum of 8 other residents in a similarly maintained and quiet 4-unit apartment building next door. This year everyone renewed next door so there are only 5 people next door. You'll be living across the street from the end of Tall Oaks Drive/Stroubles Mill, Hethwood in Blacksburg. Bike/walking path to Kipps Elementary, Blacksburg Middle School, grocery store, VT, Corporate Research Center, and VCOM. Hospital is just 5-8 minutes down the road. 11 minute drive to CRC/VCOM. 16 minutes to the shopping mall. Grocery store is 5 minutes by car or bicycle. All this plus beautiful rural Virginia Countryside just outside your back door! Square Miles of woods and fields behind. Mountain sunsets daily! People renew year after year at Forests Edge because the properties are well-maintained, very quiet and there is lots of parking.Pictures and maps on our website: Please contact us by clicking into the listing for contact information and details to the website, since we are not allowed to list it here. (Hint: The house is located at Forests Edge which can be Googled.)It is faster to get home here than in much of Blacksburg because there's little traffic and no stop signs!EZ to: Blacksburg, Radford, Christiansburg, The Malls. Corporate Research Center, Hospital, VCOM, etc. Avoid most VT traffic to I-81 and Mall.Walking/running/bike path across street (Hethwood)...goes right to VT campus. (If you bike quickly only 15-20 minutes door to your door on campus.)Great off-street parking! Unusual that plowing of parking area is included in rent.Para-transit will come to the door.3-4 blocks to BT bus. Original real oak floors, real wood paneling, all original solid wood interior doors, nooks and crannies, etc. have been kept. Plaster walls are beautiful. The upstairs full-bath was added during renovation. Downstairs bath was modified to be universally accessible without looking like it is. Incredible storage and wall heaters in both bathrooms! Large Ceiling fans (with lights) are in every room. There is also a whole house fan.New double-paned, low-E windows have full screens, not just 1/2 screens, so it's possible to ventilate rooms well even when raining. 3 bedrooms have flexible closets. 4th BR has no closet; yet pocket door makes it a convenient extension of other bedroom on main level. There is plenty of storage in the hall + bath next door to 4th bedroom. 4th bedroom makes a terrific office, playroom, hobby room, or den, especially since it has an additional heater to zone heat that room. The 2 large bedrooms upstairs have great views through over-sized windows. One faces East, the other West. Mini-blinds on every window, except East facing upstairs window where faux wood blinds really block the light, if you choose to hide from the great view of the morning sunrise. The comfortably-sized EAT-IN KITCHEN even has a closet under the steps with a light so you can sort through your over-sized pots, bowls, wedding gifts, etc. (or a child could play in this “secret” hide-away). New Stove with convection oven with hidden bottom element for ease of cleaning between running the self-cleaning feature,refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, ample cabinets and counterspace, windows on two walls facing woods and fields, plus exhaust fan in kitchen.Lots of built-in and/or flexible shelving/storage throughout the house.County Water & septic included. Well for watering gardens.INCLUDED: Mowing and leaf removal is done for you so you can lounge outside and enjoy the peace and quiet rather than pushing the mower. Snow plowing of the driveway is done for you, too; so sled on the hill after shoveling the snow off the level back path. The back path will be ice free if you turn on the heater embedded in the aggregate stone path.INCLUDED: Use of very convenient (really!) laundry (no coins!) Most people do not think about how much it costs to heat water for laundry and to run a dryer. Likely you will save around $100 per month in laundry costs. Also, the heat and humidity from the dryer as well as the dryer lint will not be in your home! Really nice large-capacity Bosch front-loader washer and a Whirlpool dryer in the very, clean convenient laundry area. The front loader is so efficient, the dryer and washer finish in about the same time. Shelves provided to store your detergent. The laundry center does not use precious square footage in the home.This home will be extremely clean on move-in so please trust the pictures. The home is painted with Benjamin Moore, Glidden and Zinsser paints. Most of the flooring is original oak flooring with very good quality vinyl flooring in the kitchen, hallways and bathrooms. This use of quality materials makes it easy to keep the home clean.Pet allergen free since renovation. No uncaged pets permitted. You likely would appreciate not having residual smell of other people's cats or dogs. Exotic pets in cages are generally OK with landlord. No outdoor pets - this helps to keep the area quiet and encourages wildlife. Please, no critter capable of being heard outside even with the windows open, so that neighbors are not disturbed.No smoking permitted inside since renovation! No smoking please, we renovated this home to make it bright, removing lots of smoke haze from walls and ceilings. New ductwork should have no smoke allergen residue. Someday we may add a porch, but at this time there is no place outside where smokers can stand to smoke outside when it is raining or snowing.Maximum 4 people since it has a septic system sized for four people. Children (especially infants, toddlers and teenagers) use at least as much water as adults. Septic systems are sized based upon the amount of water usage they can handle.The ground floor is all but ADA compliant/universally accessible. A young resident who broke his leg was grateful there were no thresholds on the main level where his bedroom was; the downstairs bathroom was easy with crutches (as it would be with a walker or a wheelchair); and the heater in the level back path kept it ice free so he could benefit from the traction provided by the pretty aggregate concrete path. BT Paratransit will pick up at the door, if you can not walk the several blocks to the bus stop.The home was renovated to make it pretty comfortable all summer long, without the huge cost of running AC. The fans and insulation, when used as designed, really do a great job of keeping the cost of keeping the home comfortable all year round. With a little effort (opening windows at night and closing in the morning) you can save much money all summer long. The landlord will provide a room AC unit which vents to the outside, if you decide you need it. This system does not block the view as a window AC would. So far, no one has used AC in this home despite the offer of this AC unit. This is because when sitting still downstairs on hot summer days, residents often find themselves putting on sweaters the house is so cool despite the 90+ degree temperatures outside!New ducting and oil furnace installed recently. Wall heaters in both full baths and the fourth bedroom (office/playroom/den/hobby area) are there so you can turn down the heat (new oil furnace) elsewhere and still keep these rooms very warm. Insulation between floors and rooms muffles sound as well as contributes to the energy-saving features of this home.We only have this one house, but we have 8 other similarly located (in quiet areas with lots of parking and nice views), and similarly well maintained, and upgraded condos and apartments. Please ask! Please tell other people.In recent years our residents have all renewed unless they were moving out of town, purchasing a home, or significantly changing their roommate situations. Thank you for considering renting one of our properties. Please contact us for the website showing the properties we have, some of which may be available soon. We are not allowed to post our website URL here, but it should be easy to figure out by googling our name: Forests Edge.There are around 30 pictures on our website! They were taken during (now completed) renovations, but should give you an idea.142000Merrimac Road next to HethwoodBlacksburgVA2406012015-03-01 22:15:102016-02-27 16:16:21house42.018001420002017-08-01available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005434206subscription2017-02-24 11:46:410/va/blacksburg/5434206-quiet-home-3-4-br-real-oak-floors-v-nice-area/images/24/00/24000243_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000244_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000245_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000246_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000247_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000249_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000253_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000255_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000258_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000259_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000260_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000261_640x480.jpg/images/24/00/24000243_640x480.jpglands1973648377970Quiet - Great Eat In Kitchen-Woods, bike pathAddress: 1849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road. Great Neighborhood! Stroubles Mill is across the street. Woods, stars, and wildlife are at your back door.Availability: August, 2013Please let us know your needs, as occasionally due to life changes --- new job, marriage, early graduation, people decide to request to move out early. Please ask if any of our units have similar unexpected openings.This apartment is in a wonderful location. We have lots of pictures and the floor plans posted on our website, but you need to call us to get the website address as I am not permitted to put it here. Please e-mail us at Oak floors! Large eat-in kitchen with lots of counterspace. Late model stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator (It is large!). Two walk-in closets (one is very large, the other is huge) with flexible shelves and rods. Plus there is a coat closet/pantry in the kitchen. Could be used for a desk, play area, or nursery, they are so big! All hardwood floors or nice vinyl. Living Room, kitchen, large master bedroom + second bedroom.Hardwired Ethernet/TV/Telephone to all rooms, including kitchen.Comcast broadband cable runs to a router; so not charged for each connection separately!Our 2.5 acre property has lots of parking for you, your neighbors and everyone's visitors! There is a small house. The four unit apartment building has two units per floor on the upper two floors with a laundry room and landlord’s storage on the bottom floor. 1849 B has views from all rooms looking West with trees to the back, one small house next door, and lawns and view over Stroubles Creek neighborhood to the front.All the walls in the building were opened during renovation so all plumbing and electrical is in very good to excellent (brand-new) condition. All renovations have been done with permits and government inspectors. We worked hard to make all our units as if our own children will be living in them.The sound proofing is amazing, between units and within the unit as well. Close your bedroom door and you do not even hear the TV in your own apartment! It is very rare to hear a neighbor or even your roommate. The views are of trees, lawns and mountains. Rarely will you hear a car door slam. More likely you will be awakened by the wildlife in the acres of woods.Inside the unit there are ceiling fans in every room (plus two in the kitchen - it is that big!) and zone heating; so the electric bills can be kept incredibly low with little effort. There are many pluses to this building and you likely will find it worth taking a look. Please call or e-mail for an appointment. We only own 9 rental units and manage them ourselves. You will not be a "number" to us. Our residents frequently renew because they like how well we maintain our units and how quickly we respond when they contact us.We try hard to make our residences nice enough that our residents renew, and most do. Some stay with us for all the years they are renting in Blacksburg!We love animals, but in our rental units they must be in cages or aquaria and be quiet so they do not disturb others or damage the apartment. No outdoor pets as we encourage wildlife and our residents enjoy watching the deer, rabbits, songbirds, etc. from their windows and covered porches.1849 B can have up to two residents due to the zoning regulations. Only a maximum of 12 people may reside on the 2.5 acres.The laundry room with nice front-loading washer and dryer. No need for coins though and you can safely leave your detergent on the shelf. There is a reasonable monthly charge, if you would like to use the on-site laundry.This is a non-smoking building. Also, there is no smoking on the balconies or near the building where the smoke can enter through open windows. Since we own the building, we are able to offer smoke free air when you relax on the large balconies watching the deer and birds or enjoying the night sky. The building is located at the edge of Hethwood and behind it is nothing but hills and farms. It gets spectacularly dark when the motion-sensor security lights are not tripped on. The stars and the moon seem to be much closer here than in the rest of Blacksburg because they appear so bright!The bike path to VT and the rest of Blacksburg is right across the street. Radford and Christiansburg (as well as Blacksburg) are very easy to access from this location. The hospital is just down the road.Please do check Forests Edge website for a map. The small apartment building is easy to find by taking Prices Fork Road and turning onto Merrimac Road. Enjoy the expansive view over the beautiful Wall Farm, rather than dealing with traffic, stop signs and lights as your friends do when they go home. It is only one and a third miles to the three story white building. You can pull right into the large, usually mostly empty parking area. It is actually quicker to get here than to most places that seem "closer" to campus. (Try it!) Plus it is soooooo nice and peacefully quiet. It's pretty quick (15-20 min) by bicycle (bike path) to most of VT and Blacksburg.The large homes on Tall Oaks Drive are right across the street (the back of Hethwood). Blacksburg Transit bus stop is a few blocks up Tall Oaks Drive. PLEASE ASK WHETHER WE HAVE ANYTHING ELSE AVAILABLE. ALL OF OUR UNITS ARE VERY QUIET & HAVE LOTS OF PARKING!Please make an appointment and come by for a tour! We look forward to meeting you soon. 930001849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork RoadBlacksburgVA2406012010-06-21 18:05:432016-04-08 18:48:02apartment21.00930002017-08-01available00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none73008subscription2017-02-24 11:46:410/va/blacksburg/73008-quiet-great-eat-in-kitchen-woods-bike-path/images/39/95/399566_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399567_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399568_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399569_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399570_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399571_640x480.jpg/images/52/55/5255100_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399566_640x480.jpglands6697728481136502 BR TH @ Apt Heights... Great Location2 BR, 1 1/2 bath Town House located 2 blocks from VT/Downtown. On BT. Upgraded kitchen with Ceramic Tile Floors and Dishwasher. Full-Size Washer/Dryer in Unit. Heat, Trash Removal & Ethernet Included in rent. HARDWOOD FLOORS. Storage room/Patio. CALL TODAY TO SEE YOUR NEW HOME!!!!!!25.00102000304 Apt Heights Drive # F-2BlacksburgVA2406012016-07-18 16:02:432016-07-18 16:02:47townhouse21.501020002016-07-11available00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none76716subscription2017-06-20 09:17:420/va/blacksburg/76716-2-br-th-apt-heights-great-location/images/46/21/4621347_640x480.jpg/images/24/14/24146563_640x480.jpg/images/46/21/4621347_640x480.jpglands6697715481136502 BR 1 Bath - Walking distance to VT2 BR 1 Bath top floor apartment. Washer/Dryer Included. Heat and trash removal also included. On BT. Walking distance to downtown and VT. Great location!25.0080000303 Apartment Heights Dr., B-4BlacksburgVA2406012016-07-18 15:49:482016-07-18 15:49:52apartment21.00800002016-08-11available000137.2354000000000000-80.4092000000000000street376080subscription2017-06-20 09:17:420/va/blacksburg/376080-2-br-1-bath-walking-distance-to-vt/images/47/76/4776881_640x480.jpg/images/47/76/4776881_640x480.jpglands

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